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AWER.PRO is the answer​ to your dream.We organize event​s, show​s, showcases, with the artists you are looking for.

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Suppose to go to a concert but that's not happening anymore 😥😥RetweetFavorite
RT @EXOffical: [HQ] 140831 Lotte Family Concert - Chan Yeol |cr. Treasure
seeing maroon 5 in concert is a serious life goal ❤️💜🎶RetweetFavorite
RT @simplycheyenee: Got me tickets to the Drake concert 💕😫🙌 i almost dieddddddd!!RetweetFavorite
@MahonesGrierx My concert is Friday (Sept 5) can you please spam or tweet my hashtag to clint? I'll do something for youRetweetFavorite
I'm bored someone who's going to the #wwanola concert dm me 😳😏
I love the clothes sawa-chan gives concert! ##yuimoelove #keion #k_on #keionRTRetweetFavorite
there's an @edsheeran concert in toronto on my birthday and i'm not going. yayy :)))RetweetFavorite
RT @kiinkycalum: “@Homoposts: when straight guys go to a 1D concert” LMAO TORONTO REPRESENTRetweetFavorite
RT @BeckyMarkus: Certain members of A'17 (Grace and Molly) may be selling out concert arenas in the near futureRetweetFavorite
RT @Baek_Fanbase: [HD] 140831 Baekhyun & D.O Lotte Family Concert (exo_illbethere)
:) MT @ThatVladGuy: The very cool @adamlambert to meet him after the Epic!! Queen concert in Melbourne...
RT @pairating: Does anyone wanna go to the Hail the Sun/Stolas/Icarus the Owl concert with me on the 14th?RetweetFavorite
Picture from Tammie's concert. It went great
RT @tinatbh: *during a concert* me: they're real me: they're REAL me: i love them me: i'm going to cry me: omg me :what me: they're realRetweetFavorite
#imagine you send Harry a text during a concert telling him that you're pregnant. Harry: what?
RT @EXO_FANBASE: [HQ] 140831 D.O. Lay - LOTTE Duty Free Family Concert 2014 [cr: noonaplanet]

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Artists​ are our passion​. ​We work to provide them with the best events.
Trust us just as they do.

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+33 (0) 1 70 71 89 59

Who is Awer ? Someone who needs no introduction… Awer is first the voice that has influenced listeners of Generations radio station, where he was a columnist. At 12, he discovered rap at Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois… a passion that never left him. He spent the 90s in London, where hip hop was undergoing an unprecedented success. When back to France, he created “Hip Hop Resistance”, a group which will reveal to the French public, through concerts and parties, the unsung talents of the American underground. Among others: Jay Dee, Wildchild, J-Rocc… For more than ten years on Generations, THE hip-hop radio, he shared his love of music in the show Underground Explorer alongside DJ Fab & DJ Kozi.

Awer was a pioneer of hip-hop in France, the first to produce Wu Tang Clan on stage in Paris. Unfortunately he’s gone too soon, in 2009. We honor him by taking his name and legacy. Awer is THE reference. You have a project of concert or showcase: a single address, AWER.PRO

Qui est Awer? Quelqu’un qu’on ne présente plus… Awer est tout d’abord une voix, qui a influencé les auditeurs de la radio Générations, où il était chroniqueur. A 12 ans, il découvre le rap, à Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois… Une passion qui ne le quittera plus. Puis, des années 90 qu’il passe à Londres, où le hip hop connaît alors un succès inouï, il revient créer dans l’Hexagone le collectif Hip Hop Resistance, qui va révéler au public français, à coup de concerts et de soirées, les talents méconnus de l’underground américain. Entre autres Jay Dee, Wildchild, J-Rocc…
Pendant plus de dix ans, sur Générations, LA radio du hip-hop, il a partagé son amour de la musique dans l’émission Underground Explorer, avec DJ Fab & DJ Kozi.
Awer était un pionnier du hip-hop en France, le premier à avoir produit Wu Tang Clan sur scène à Paris. Malheureusement parti trop tôt, en 2009. Nous lui rendons hommage en reprenant son nom et son héritage. Awer, c’est LA référence. Vous avez un projet de concert ou de showcase: une seule adresse,


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We do not simply book artists for you. We can organize concerts, festivals, gala events, ​private parties… And if you are an artist yourself, we help you to manage your career.


We book artists for all kind of events: concerts, showcases, festivals, private events & parties, every kind of live performances, on stage, in clubs, etc.

We can do
  • Concerts, Showcases
  • Clubbing
  • Public Relations

Event production

In addition to booking, we are able to organize your whole event or concert, for the best interest of the public and the artist(s)

We can do
  • Venue Reservation
  • Road Management
  • Media Relations


If you’re an artist, we help you making yours video clips, find musicians, build a marketing and communication strategy, etc.

We can do
  • Video Clip Production
  • Marketing & Communication
  • Music Composing

Here’s few Famous clients we’ve worked with so far

Sky Bar – Generations – Gotha Club – Le Divan du Monde

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